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Correct Nozzle Position
Tapping fluid makes contact with tip of tap

Incorrect Nozzle Position
Tapping fluid misses tap completely


Drawings for TT2″

Drawings for TT3.5″ (Ask us for copies)

CNC vs Offline Tapping – see how much money you could be saving

Pitch Insert Measurement – for flat material and extrusions

Pre-Hole Charts – select the appropriate measurement system

Tap Factors – explanation of tap factors

Tap Size List – a complete list of all taps available (call if your tap is not on the list)

TT2″ Keyway Timing – drawings of correct keyway timing

Roller Screw Overload Proctection – built into the roller nut housing on newest generation TT2″

Oring Replacement Figures – view these step-by-step images

What Screw Would You Use? – in your TT2″ and TT3.5″

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