About Us

We utilize the latest technology for tapping applications.


MD Technology started out as an LLC in 2018 but has since been incorporated. The principle shareholders are Melissa Richardson, President and David Prado, Vice President.

The company purchased certain assets from d/k technologies, including equipment and tooling inventory for certain specialty tools. The business focus is the assembly and sales of these specialty tools for the metal fabricating industries. Examples of typical products utilizing these tools are sheet metal cabinets for the computer industry, steel furniture, and electronic enclosures.

These tools have been on the market since 1992 starting at RACE International, where Melissa Richardson was previously employed. In March 1998 RACE sold the rights to the tool to d/k technologies, where again Melissa Richardson was employed. In 2001 David Prado was hired on at d/k technologies. Mrs. Richardson was in charge of sales, marketing, accounting and purchasing for the tools at d/k technologies and Mr. Prado was responsible for assembly and technical support.

The company primarily sells direct and utilizes four west coast distributors. Plans call to increase distributors across the nation. MD Technology has established a distribution network in Europe, India and Australia and plans to set up distributors in other countries as well.

MD Technology offers the latest technology for automating your tapping applications. The turret tapping tool, whether you are using the TT2” or the TT3.5”, can offer a technological advancement necessary in today’s competitive manufacturing market place.

MD Technology offers the latest technology for automating your tapping applications.

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