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Our Newest Products

Loader Switch


  • Sealed long life microswitch – made with hardened steel – not easily contaminated by dirt or oil
  • Heat treated 4130  steel housing – for increased durability
  • Heat treated A2 tool steel sensor tip – insures long life
  • Quick connections on both ends of cable – for easy cable replacement
  • Adjusted sensor tip – for easy installation
  • 1 year limited warranty

Are you tired of having to disassemble and clean your loader detection switch for your Amada punch press? Then call for a quote to get your shop up and running with d/k technologies Loader Switch. Long up time, easily adjustable, installs in minutes. Just bolt it on to your clamps and plug it in to your existing sockets and you are ready to run. No extra programming or wiring of any kind.

No-Hole Detector

A missing hole detector to detect a missing or misplaced hole in a (e.g., sheet metal) workpiece. The missing hole detector is preferably located at a punching station within the upper turret of a CNC punch press. A pushing force generated during the downstroke of a ram causes a test probe of the missing hole detector to move towards the workpiece under test. A switching circuit connected to a transmitter is responsive to the movement of the test probe.

If the test probe is moved into a hole so as to penetrate the workpiece, the switching circuit is opened and the transmitter is disabled. If the test probe is otherwise moved into contact with but fails to penetrate the workpiece because a hole is absent or misplaced, the switching circuit is closed and the transmitter is energized. The transmitter now transmits a stream of data by way of an RF wireless communication path to a receiver. The receiver is adapted to emit a visual and/or audible warning signal and/or cause the punch press to be shut down as a sign that a missing or misplaced hole has been detected in the workpiece.

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