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February 2018

Pump Style Tap Lubrication System Upgrade

By | Industry News

Pump Block

Are you in need of that 1.25 inch station? Have you accidentally punched your oil housing by mistake? Would you like consistency in the amount of oil that gets put on your tap? Do you wish you could hold up to 5x the amount of tapping fluid? Do you hate looking for a hex key every time you need to make a fluid adjustment?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you need to call and see how to get your tool upgraded. Just call and one of our sales associates will handle all your needs. Say, “I want the pump style.” The kit comes with everything you need:

  • Oil tank
  • New on/off Block
  • Priming unit
  • All necessary fittings

Where do these tanks go?

Amada Users: Your tanks mount to the top of the upper turret via 2 strong ceramic magnets, right behind your tooling.

Finn Users: Your tank mounts around a 1.25 inch station. You can still use a punch in that station!